Mission Statement

The mission of the North American Wind Energy Academy (NAWEA) is to bring together North America’s foremost intellectual assets and to apply their collective talents to overcome the challenges of advancing wind power technology and its applications, optimizing its role in meeting the region’s energy needs in an environmentally sustainable manner, while nurturing the development and education of future generations of technical, management, and policy experts to ensure the continued sustainable advancement and optimization of wind power.

In executing its mission, NAWEA will lead and support efforts to undertake and accomplish the following major activities:

  • Work to expand the breadth and competence of the wind energy’s educational and research communities to ensure the continued advancement of wind energy.

  • Foster research and development collaborations that bring together the necessary disciplines, agencies, and stakeholders to address topics critical to the advancement of all forms of wind energy.

  • Sponsor and develop unbiased, accurate, and relevant scientific information on wind power’s benefits and impacts and actively communicate that information to decision makers and the general public though a variety of means such as workshops, symposia, and publications.

  • Conduct all other lawful activities consistent with accomplishing the foregoing mission.

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